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Integrated Platelet Networks for the Analysis of Different System States

Author(s): Marcus Dittrich, Ingvild Birschmann, Thomas Dandekar.


Human platelets are anucleate cells or rather cellular fragments derived from megakaryocytes. With a life span of just a few days they are nevertheless central components of the haemostatic system and, apart from being the major players in haemostatic processes, they are also involved in the pathophysiology of many cardiovascular diseases and are engaged in inflammatory processes like sepsis. To achieve this, platelets are optimized for rapid adaptation and signalling and are filled with a number of intricate signalling cascades. Their interplay enables a number of different system states, ranging from quiescence, basic activation, rapid and irreversible full activation to more or less strong inhibitory states. Appropriate databases and references are given together with a primer on integrated network analysis of the platelet starting from its proteome and transcriptome. There are different preferences of network states in healthy or ill conditions including sepsis and disseminated coagulopathy. Both clinical and basic researchers have great interest in understanding platelet physiology by untangling the intricate network of cellular signalling. This holds promise for better diagnostics, monitoring and therapy as well as identifying potential novel drug targets and development of novel antithrombotic strategies.

Keywords: hemostasis, interaction, interactome, protein, thrombosis, Amyloidosis, familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy, FAP, genetic testing, mass spectrometric analysis, SSA, transthyretin, gastrointestinal disorders, phosphoprotein, glandular, peripheral neuropathy, electrophoresis

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Year: 2011
Page: [229 - 236]
Pages: 8
DOI: 10.2174/157016411797247477
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