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Applications of Jatropha Oil Seed Crop

Author(s): Maddur N. Satheesh Kumar, Zahira Yaakob, Siti R. S. Abdullah.


Jatropha, belonging to the family of Euphorbiace, is a plant of Latin American origin, spreads throughout the arid and semi-arid tropical regions of the world. The oil seed of Jatropha plant is a known feed stock for biodiesel production. The farming community has yet to explore jatropha as an alternate or commercial crop. The government and non governmental institutions/organisations have started the development program for jatropha plantation. Traditionally, jatropha plants have been used as a fence for all agricultural crops. Few reasons for the cultivation of this non food crop are the diminution of fossil fuel reserves, increased green house gas emission and the utilisation of food crops for biofuel production. Due to the technical and economic reasons, the full potential of jatropha plant has not been utilised. In addition to biodiesel production from jatropha seeds, the various parts of jatropha plant can find useful applications in different areas like medicine, polymeric materials, fertiliser, fence, etc. The innovation of value added application for this versatile and potentially useful crop may improve the economic health of the farmers and provide a competitive biodiesel. The present review article discussed the reported research in recent patens and journals on the utilisaton of various parts of jatropha plant for different applications.

Keywords: Jatropha, biofuel, value added uses, glycol, alkyd resin, surfactant, fertiliser, pesticide

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Article Details

Year: 2009
Page: [131 - 139]
Pages: 9
DOI: 10.2174/1874464810902020131
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