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Allergy After Inhalation and Ingestion of Cereals Involve Different Allergens in Allergic and Celiac Disease

Author(s): Alicia Armentia, Eduardo Arranz, Nora Hernandez, Antonio Garrote, Raphael Panzani and Alfredo Blanco

Affiliation: Hospital Rio Hortega. Seccion de Alergia Cardenal Torquemada sn, 47010 Valladolid, Spain.


Cereals are among the major foods in type I food hypersensitivity reactions. Hypoallergenic cereals and recombinant immunotherapy have been recently patented. In celiac disease, limited information is available regarding cereal allergens responsible for allergic reactions. The allergenic reactivity of ingested and inhaled cereal allergens in allergic and celiac people are discussed in the manuscript. Allergic sensitisation IgE mediated to cereals may be observed in celiac children. Inhalation and ingestion routes causing cereal allergy seem to involve similar allergens, but, in celiac disease specific response to CM3 may be important.

Keywords: Celiac disease, food allergy, allergy to wheat, baker's asthma

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Article Details

Page: [47 - 57]
Pages: 11
DOI: 10.2174/187221308783399234