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Hamid Mcheick  
Computer Science Department
University of Quebec at Chicoutimi
Chicoutimi, Quebec


Computer Mediated Remote Touch Communication for Humans and Animals

Author(s): James K.S. Teh, Adrian D. Cheok.


Touch-based remote communication is a relatively new field of research. Traditionally, remote communication emphasizes on voice communication. Recently, with the proliferation of the IT sector, video communication is increasingly being used for remote communication. Communication based on touch is especially important for humans and animals to communicate remotely. As humans become increasingly busy at work or away from home, pets are increasingly neglected. Methodologies need to be developed to enable humans to assure their pets and keep in contact with them. Such systems should not only allow humans to see their pets, but also to allow pets to feel the presence of the owner. Patents reviewed here suggest inventions that attempt to bridge this gap, or have methods that can be used to achieve a better remote touch communication for humans and animals.

Keywords: computer-mediated, interaction, tangible, haptic, touch, remote, communication, animals, Pets

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Article Details

Year: 2008
Page: [26 - 31]
Pages: 6
DOI: 10.2174/2213275910801010026