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Inflammation & Allergy-Drug Targets
(Formerly Current Drug Targets - Inflammation & Allergy)
ISSN (Print): 1871-5281
ISSN (Online): 2212-4055
DOI: 10.2174/187152811795564082      Price:  $58

Immunologic Diseases and Brain Tumors

Author(s): Maria Morales-Suarez-Varela, Marina Pollan, Nuria Aragones, Teresa Garcia-Martinez, Raquel Solis-Plaza and Agustin Llopis-Gonzalez
Pages 192-197 (6)
To do a bibliographic review of the given association of atopic [AD] and immunological diseases with central nerve system tumors [CNST] described a few years ago and to know the knowledge available. It gives an overview of the studies describing this association, and those explaining its mechanism. A negative association of AD with CNST stands out in case-control studies, which is not observed in cohort studies. The greatest association is seen for gliomas and is less significant for meningiomas. A clearer definition for the AD under study, tumour types, and the exact biochemical and clinical parameters to help diagnoses are the recommended as well as to establish an aetiologic and temporal relationship between AD and CNST.
Allergy, atopy, asthma, brain tumour, brain tumour risk, epidemiology brain tumour, glioma, immunology, meningioma, central nerve system tumors
Unit of Public Health and Environmental Care, Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain.