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Analysis of Cyclotides in Viola ignobilis by Nano Liquid Chromatography Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Hossein Hashempour, Alireza Ghassempour, Norelle L. Daly, Bernhard Spengler, Andreas Rompp.


Cyclotides are macrocyclic knotted peptides originating from plants. They are extremely stable and have a range of bioactivities including anti-HIV and insecticidal activity. Given the stability of the cyclotide framework, there is interest in using these peptides as scaffolds in drug design. In the current study, we have shown that nano-LC Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS) is an effective method of analyzing cyclotides in plants. In addition, we have used this technique to find cyclotides in a novel species, Viola ignobilis (Violaceae plant family), which was collected from the East Azerbaijan province of Iran. Varv peptide A, cycloviolacin B2, and cycloviolacin O8 were found in this species. This study provides a novel method for directly analyzing cyclotide sequences without enzymatic digestion and further information regarding the distribution of cyclotides in plant species.

Keywords: Cyclic peptide, Cyclotide, nano-LC FTMS, Varv peptide A, Viola ignobilisCyclic peptide, Cyclotide, nano-LC FTMS, Varv peptide A, Viola ignobilis

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Year: 2011
Page: [747 - 752]
Pages: 6
DOI: 10.2174/092986611795446030
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