Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery

Dieter Kabelitz  
Institute of Immunology
Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein
Campus Kiel


Doripenem: A New Addition to the Carbapenem Class of Antimicrobials

Author(s): Jason J. Schafer, Debra A. Goff, Julie E. Mangino.


Doripenem (DPM) is the newest antimicrobial in the carbapenem class. It is a broad spectrum agent with activity against gram-positive, gram-negative and anaerobic bacteria. in vitro Susceptibility testing has demonstrated potent activity for many drug resistant gram-negative pathogens including some that are resistant to imipenem and meropenem. It appears to be less likely to induce resistance for certain pathogens compared to the other carbapenems. The purpose of this review is to introduce DPM and describe its potential role in managing infections due to multi-drug resistant gram-negative bacteria. This article also reviews recent patents related to the carbapenem class of antimicrobials.

Keywords: Doripenem, carbapenem, pseudomonas, multi-drug resistant, pharmacodynamics

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Article Details

Year: 2009
Page: [18 - 28]
Pages: 11
DOI: 10.2174/157489109787236283