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Generation of a Droplet Inside a Microbubble with the Aid of an Ultrasound Contrast Agent: First Result

Author(s): Michiel Postema, Folkert J. ten Cate, Georg Schmitz, Nico de Jong, Annemieke van Wamel.


New ultrasound contrast agents that incorporate a therapeutic compound have become of interest. Such an ultrasound contrast agent particle might act as the vehicle to carry a drug or gene load to a perfused region of interest. The load could be released with the assistance of ultrasound. Generally, an increase in shell thickness increases the acoustic amplitude needed to disrupt a bubble. High acoustic amplitudes, however, have been associated with unwanted effects on cells. It would be interesting to incorporate a droplet containing drugs or genes inside a microbubble carrier. A liquid core surrounded by a gas encapsulation has been referred to as antibubble. In this paper, the creation of an antibubble with the aid of ultrasound has been demonstrated with high-speed photography.

Keywords: Antibubble, Ultrasound contrast agent, Drug delivery, High-speed photography

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Article Details

Year: 2007
Page: [74 - 77]
Pages: 4
DOI: 10.2174/157018007778992847