Current Nanoscience


Magnetic and Gold-Coated Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Detection Tools: Preparation, Characterization, and Biosensing Applications

Author(s): Gilles K. Kouassi

Affiliation: Currens Hall, Western Illinois University, Macomb Il, 61455, USA.


Nanomaterials are at the leading edge of the rapidly developing field of nanotechnology. Nanomaterials such as magnetic iron oxides and magnetic gold-coated iron oxides nanoparticles exhibit unusual optical, thermal, chemical, and physical properties, due to a combination of high-energy surface atoms compared to bulk solids. Their low toxicity, biocompatibility, and established protocols of synthesis have resulted in a tremendous upsurge of interest, and their applications as special biomolecule carriers via a stable immobilization process show promise as sensitive detection tools. This review provides a comprehensive analysis of new synthetic routes, characterization methodologies, and functionalization protocols of magnetic and gold-coated magnetic iron oxides nanoparticles. Applications of these materials as scaffolds for biosensing and detection are also discussed.

Keywords: Nanomaterials, magnetic nanoparticles, gold, –, coated iron oxides nanoparticles, functionalization, surface coating, biosensing, Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, gold-coated magnetite, functionnalization, aptamer, DNA hybridization, prion, enzymes, biodetection

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Page: [510 - 523]
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DOI: 10.2174/157341311796196907
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