Formation and Synthetic Applications of Metalated Organoboranes

Author(s): Tomasz Klis, Sergiusz Lulinski, Janusz Serwatowski.

Journal Name: Current Organic Chemistry

Volume 14 , Issue 20 , 2010

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This review covers recent advances in the preparation and diverse chemistry of various types of bimetallic reagents derived from organoboranes. 1,1-Bimetallics containing lithium, zinc and zirconium were most extensively investigated among metalated alkyl and alkenylboranes. Recently, there is a significant progress in the chemistry of metalated arylboron derivatives such as lithiated and magnesiated arylboronic esters and related complexes. All these reagents were effectively used as intermediates in the synthesis of more elaborated organoboranes and functionalized organic compounds. Selected systems were designed as potential bidentate Lewis acids for anion sensing.

Keywords: Bimetallic reagents, organoboranes, metalation, cross-coupling, fluoride sensing, mesityllithium, lithium dicyclohexylamide, thyldimesitylborane, (Dimesitylboro)lithioalkanes 7, allylic borolithioalkanes, α-(phenylthio)ketones, malonic acids, α-borolithioalkene, dimesitylboranes, α,ω-cycloalkane-diylborates, Bimetalloalkanes, α-[(Alkylenedioxy)boryl]alkyl]zinc halides, diethylzinc, (iodomethyl)boronic ester, ethyl α-(bromomethyl)acrylate, α-chiral allylboronate, Zirconium-boron Bimetalloalkanes, Boron-zirconium 1,1-bimetalloalkanes, 1,ω-borazirconocenes, 1-alkynylboronates, Ruthenium-boron Bimetalloalkenes, ARYLBORANES, Temarotene, borazirconacyclopentenes, Lithium-boron Bimetalloarenes, parachlorosulfonated arylboronic esters, benzaldehydes, Lithium (lithiophenyl)trialkoxyborates, lithium (halophenyl)trialkoxyborates, Magnesium-boron Bimetalloarenes, Bismuth-boron Bimetalloarenes, Mercury-boron Bimetalloarenes, Zirconium-boron Bimetalloarenes, diphenylzirconocene, Iron-boron bimetalloarenes, ortho-bromophenylboronate, Iridium-boron Bimetalloarenes

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Year: 2010
Page: [2549 - 2566]
Pages: 18
DOI: 10.2174/138527210793358259
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