Current Nanoscience


Assembly of Silver Nanoparticles in Pearl-Necklace-Like Nanostructure Using a Polyelectrolyte

Author(s): Qiang Cui, Lubin Zhong, Jiabao Ding, Jian Weng.


Pearl-necklace-like Ag nanostructures are prepared with microwave irradiation in a one-step process using polymethacrylic acid (PMAA) as a reducing agent, and AgNO3 as a silver precursor without other chemical agent in a 6.5≤pH≤8.0 aqueous solution. Derjaguin – Landau – Verwey – Overbeek theory is used to calculate the stability of Ag particles in the aqueous medium. The calculated results are fairly consistent with the experimental results. The formation mechanism of pearl-necklace-like silver nanostructures is suggested as three steps: immobilization of Ag+ ions with the PMAA template, reduction of Ag+ ions with PMAA under microwave irradiation, anisotropic self-assembly of silver particles capped by the negatively charged PMAA with electrostatic interactions and Van der Waals forces.

Keywords: PMAA, nanostructures, self-assembly, silver, template, microwave, Polyelectrolyte, electrostatic interactions, Van der Waals forces, One-dimensional, spaced nanoparticles, crystals, pH, COOH, AgNO3, spectroscopy, HRTEM, Infra-red (IR) measurement, CO2, XRD pattern, quasi-2D, (DLVO) theory, Time, UV/Vis spectrum, microwave irradiation, Ag+ ions

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Article Details

Year: 2010
Page: [610 - 618]
Pages: 9
DOI: 10.2174/157341310793348623
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