Current Nanoscience


Preparation of Ni-cysteine Hollow Spheres with Ferromagnetic Property and Good Biocompatibility

Author(s): Chuanbao Caoa, Xiaoqiang An, Xuelian Yu, Xilan Ma.


In this work, magnetic Ni-cysteine hollow spheres were firstly fabricated by a facile room temperature self – assembly method. The most outstanding advantage of these hollow spheres is that the biocompatibility of amino acid and the magnetic property of metal nickel ions are successfully combined. Their coercivity in the magnetic measurement is 90 Oe at 80 K. This ferromagnetic performance and the satisfying blood compatibility in the anticoagulation test make them show promising applications in biological technique, especially the targeted drug delivery.

Keywords: Hollow spheres, biocompatibility, ferromagnetic, drug delivery, amino acid, self, –, assembly, spheres, anticoagulation, transition metal, metal, MRI, Ni-cysteine, Ni(NO3)2, centrifugation, FT, IR, FC, ZFC, TEM, nanospheres, IR spectra, carboxylate groups, Raman spectrum, EDS, APTT, PT, TT, cysteine, paramagnetic

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Year: 2010
Page: [592 - 597]
Pages: 6
DOI: 10.2174/157341310793348722
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