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Current Gene Therapy
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Bioprocessing of Baculovirus Vectors: A Review

Author(s): Marc G. Aucoin, Jimmy A. Mena and Amine A. Kamen
Pages 174-186 (13)
The baculovirus/insect cell expression system is best known, and used, as a research tool for the production of recombinant proteins often requiring post-translational modifications. Although studies on the larger scale use of the system have been reported on for three decades, the recognition of this system as an industrially relevant platform for the production of biologics has only been recently achieved with the approvals of baculovirus-derived human and veterinary vaccines for commercialization. The full utility of baculoviruses, however, does not end with the production of recombinant proteins; baculoviruses are increasingly being studied for their ability to transduce mammalian cells and use as a therapeutic themselves. There is, therefore, a need to revisit the current state of the art in the bioprocessing of baculoviruses as the product. This paper is an extensive review of what is currently known about the amplification and recovery of baculoviruses and highlights the gaps that have not been focused on in the midst of optimizing this system for protein production.
Baculovirus, BacMam, Insect cell culture, Bioprocess development, Feeding strategy, Purification, Quantification, Modeling
Animal Cell Technology, Bioprocess Centre, Biotechnology Research Institute, National Research Council, 6100 Royalmount Ave., Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4P2R2.