Current Nanoscience


Remodeling of Three-dimensional Hierarchically Organized Nanofibrous Assemblies

Author(s): W. E. Teo, S. Liao, C. K. Chan, S. Ramakrishna.


Fabrication and remodeling of a three-dimensional (3D) hierarchically organized assembly out of nanofibers all major challenges in nanotechnology. Presented in this paper is a novel method of using various properties and behavior of water to fabricate 3D hierarchically organized electrospun nanofibrous structure. First, an electrospinning setup using a dynamic flow system is used to fabricate a 3D nanofibrous mesh through the remodeling of 2D nanofibrous mat. Next, by altering the drying and freezing condition, the nanofibers are rearranged to modify the microstructure of the scaffold. Depending on the hydrophobicity of the material and the freeze-drying condition, the microstructure of the resultant scaffold is either yarn made out of aligned nanofibers or ridges made out of randomly oriented nanofibers. Finally, the macrostructure of the mesh which takes the shape of the mold can either be porous or compact. The bulk structure with the various hierarchical arrangements can be chosen to meet the requirements of intended applications. A potential application for 3D nanofibrous is in tissue engineering as it mimics the basic building block of extracellular matrix.

Keywords: 3D assembly, electrospun, nanofibers, remodeling, tissue engineering

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Year: 2008
Page: [361 - 369]
Pages: 9
DOI: 10.2174/157341308786306080
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