Colon Targeted Drug Delivery Systems -An Overview

Author(s): P. Kumar, B. Mishra.

Journal Name: Current Drug Delivery

Volume 5 , Issue 3 , 2008


In the last two decades colon targeted drug delivery has gained increased importance not just for the deliver drugs for the treatment of various colonic diseases but also for its potential for delivery of proteins and therapeutic peptides. In the past various traditional approaches used for colon targeted delivery like prodrugs, pH, time dependent, and microflora activated systems, have achieved limited success. For successful colon targeted drug delivery, the drug needs to be protected from absorption and/or the environment of the upper gastrointestinal tract and then be abruptly released into the colon. Hence continuous efforts have been made on designing colon targeted drug delivery systems with improved site specificity and versatile drug release kinetics to fulfill different therapeutic needs. In last couple of years few new systems have been developed for colon targeted drug delivery such as pressure dependent systems, CODES™ technology, micrsponges, pectin and galactomannan coating, microbially triggered osmotic systems, lectins and neoglyconjugated etc. which are reported to have better in-vivo site specificity and design rationale than the earlier approaches. This review article gives an overview of various approaches for colonic targeted drug delivery with emphasis on newer systems, their merits and demerits, in vitro/ in-vivo evaluation and market status of such delivery systems.

Keywords: Colon targeted, microflora activated, prodrugs, lectin and neoglyconjugates, microsponges, CODES ™ technology

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Year: 2008
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