Ligand Design for Alpha1 Adrenoceptors

Author(s): J. B. Bremner, R. Griffith, B. Coban.

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 8 , Issue 6 , 2001

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An area of continuing interest in medicinal chemistry is the design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of ligands which bind at adrenoceptor subtypes, which include alpha 1A , alpha 1B ,alpha 1D ; alpha 2A , alpha 2B , alpha 2C beeta 1 , beeta 2 , beeta 3 and possibly beeta 4 subtypes. The selective blockade or stimulation of these receptor subtypes is of on-going pharmacological and medicinal interest. However, the design principles for ligand differentiation at these subtypes still need further development. This review focuses on alpha 1 adrenoceptors with a concentration on literature over the past five years. Structural, physiological and therapeu-tic aspects of the alpha 1A , alpha 1B and alpha 1D subtypes are discussed together with ligands binding to these receptor subtypes. Approaches to alpha 1 adrenoceptor ligand design based on known ligands and on receptor docking are evaluated. A new combined approach using pharmacophores and receptor docking affords possibilities for deeper insights into achieving small molecule binding selectivity.

Keywords: Alpha1, Adrenoceptors, Subtype, Receptor docking, Ligands, Antagonisits, Imidazoline, Adrenoceptor Ligands, Pharmacohores, Subtype selective

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Year: 2001
Page: [607 - 620]
Pages: 14
DOI: 10.2174/0929867013373110
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