Current Nanoscience


Nanofocusing Devices Development and Nano-Medicine

Author(s): Ivan D. Nikolov.


Optical nano-phenomena are defined in the field of nanotechnology for nano-metric architectures and nanostructural devices. A short mini-review of the latest books is presented. The definitions of nano-photonics and nanofocusing are determined. An integrated optical scheme of the obtained near-field nanofocusing probe is discussed. Optical aspects of the nanofocusing recording probes are examined. Aberration conditions of the optical head intended for a higher-density disk memory are considered. The residual and technological aberrations are presented. The obtained optical configurations are shown using ray-trace modeling and wave-optics analysis. The nanofocused spot is computed as 25 nm for a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) beam of 8 μm and the far-field diffraction limit is calculated as 150 nm for a microlens diameter of 13 μm. The nanofocused spots from 20 nm at the geometrical limit and up to 130 nm at the diffraction size have been obtained using two-layer anti-reflection coating on both surfaces of the fabricated microlens structure. The optically integrated arrayed nanofocusing device is presented. The optical power density is compressed more than 1000 times to the exact nanofocused spot in comparison with the energy of the input VCSEL micro-beam. Nano-optical, bio-optical and nano-medicinal devices are underlined.

Keywords: nanofocusing lenses, microlens array, optical memory, integrated nano-devices, nano-medicine, nano-robots

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Year: 2005
Page: [211 - 224]
Pages: 14
DOI: 10.2174/157341305774642920
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