DNA Topoisomerase II Structures and Anthracycline Activity: Insights into Ternary Complex Formation

Author(s): D. Dal Ben , M. Palumbo , G Zagotto , G. Capranico , S. Moro .

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Design

Volume 13 , Issue 27 , 2007


DNA Topoisomerase II (Top2) is an essential nuclear enzyme that regulates the topological state of the DNA, and a target of very effective anticancer drugs including anthracycline antibiotics. Even though several aspects of drug activity against Top2 are understood, the drug receptor site is not yet known. Several Top2 mutants have altered drug sensitivity and have provided information of structural features determining drug action. Here, we have revised the published crystal structures of eukaryotic and prokaryotic Top2s and relevant biochemical investigations of enzyme activity and anthracycline action. In particular, we have considered Top2 mutations conferring resistance to anthracyclines and related agents. Following a previous study (Moro et al, Biochemistry, 2004; 43: 7503-13), we have then re-built a molecular model of the entire enzyme in complex with DNA after the cleavage reaction, and used it to define the receptor site of anthracyclines. The results suggest a model wherein the drug specifically contacts the cleaved DNA as well as amino acid residues of the enzyme CAP-like domain. The findings can explain several established structure-activity relationships of antitumour anthracyclines, and provide a framework for further developments of effective Top2 poison.

Keywords: DNA Topoisomerase, topoisomerase poisons, anthracycline, molecular modelling

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Year: 2007
Page: [2766 - 2780]
Pages: 15
DOI: 10.2174/138161207781757105
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