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Polymer/Metal Nanocomposites: Assembly of Metal Nanoparticles in Polymer Films and their Applications

Author(s): Shin Horiuchi, Yukimichi Nakao.


We have developed a simple dry process to assemble metal nanoparticles in polymer films in two- and three- dimensions in multi-length scales. The vapor of bis(acetylacetonato)palladium(II) (Pd(acac)2) is reduced by polymers without additional reducing agents in N2 atmosphere at 180°C, and Pd metal nanoparticles are produced in the polymer films with excellent size uniformity and stabilization. We showed the self-assembly of Pd nanoparticles into selective nanodomains in block copolymer (BC) films to provide three-dimensional layer-by-layer arrangements and hexagonally arranged spherical nanodomains. In addition to this “bottom-up” approach for the construction of well-ordered polymer/metal nanocomposites, we have also developed a “top-down” approach that enables the assembly of Pd nanoparticles by UV photolithography. Properties of polymer/metal nanocomposites thus prepared have potentials for functional materials and fabrications of nanodevices by ensemble of unique properties of metal nanoparticles and polymers.

Keywords: Metal nanoparticle, block copolymer, photolithography, electroless plating, nanocomposite

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Article Details

Year: 2007
Page: [206 - 214]
Pages: 9
DOI: 10.2174/157341307781422988
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