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Current Pharmaceutical Design
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Spots, Blots, Peaks and Chips: Proteomic Approaches in Autoimmune Diseases


Pages 3699-3706 (8)
During the past five years, investigations employing a variety of proteomic technologies have yielded a wealth of information on a number of autoimmune disorders. Animal models of autoimmune disease have been examined and have provided clues that can be useful in elucidating molecular pathways and mechanisms that play a role in autoimmune disorders. Human sera and body fluids have been analyzed and have resulted in the identification of autoantibodies that can be used as diagnostic markers in specific autoimmune diseases, and proteomic fingerprints of tissues and body fluids have resulted in the identification of individual proteins or patterns of protein expression that are deregulated in autoimmune diseases. The information provided by these proteomic studies are of diagnostic and therapeutic potential. This review provides an overview of the approaches used in the proteomic analyses of autoimmune disease.
Proteomics, autoimmune disease, autoantibodies, protein expression pattern