Recent Advances in Robust Speech Recognition Technology

Editor(s): Javier Ramirez and Juan Manuel Gorriz

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO.

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This E-book is a collection of articles that describe advances in speech recognition technology. Robustness in speech recognition refers to the need to maintain high speech recognition accuracy even ...
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Pp. i

Alex Acero

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Pp. ii

Javier Ramirez and Juan Manuel Gorriz

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Pp. iii-vi (4)

Javier Ramirez and Juan Manuel Gorriz

Using GARCH Process for Voice Activity Detection

Pp. 13-29 (17)

Rasool Tahmasbi

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Improved Long term Voice Activity Detection for Robust Speech Recognition

Pp. 46-59 (14)

Juan M. Gorriz and Javier Ramirez

PDF Price: $15

Speech Enhancement Algorithms: A Survey

Pp. 60-102 (43)

Philipos C. Loizou

PDF Price: $15

Speech Enhancement and Representation Employing the Independent Component Analysis

Pp. 103-113 (11)

Peter Jancovic, Xin Zou and Munevver Kokuer

PDF Price: $15

Statistical Model based Techniques for Robust Speech Communication

Pp. 114-132 (19)

Nam Soo Kim and Joon-Hyuk Chang

PDF Price: $15

Bayesian Networks and Discrete Observations for Robust Speech Recognition

Pp. 133-140 (8)

Antonio Miguel, Alfonso Ortega and Eduardo Lleida

PDF Price: $15

Robust Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Based on Missing Feature Techniques

Pp. 141-154 (14)

Yujun Wang, Maarten Van Segbroeck and Hugo Van hamme

PDF Price: $15

Distribution-Based Feature Compensation for Robust Speech Recognition

Pp. 155-168 (14)

Berlin Chen and Shih-Hsiang Lin

PDF Price: $15

Effective Multiple Regression for Robust Singleand Multi-channel Speech Recognition

Pp. 169-174 (6)

Weifeng Li, Kazuya Takeda and Fumitada Itakura

PDF Price: $15

Higher Order Cepstral Moment Normalization for Improved Robust Speech Recognition

Pp. 175-189 (15)

Chang-Wen Hsu and Lin-Shan Lee

PDF Price: $15

Reviewing Feature Non-Linear Transformations for Robust Speech Recognition

Pp. 190-196 (7)

Luz Garcia, Jose Carlos Segura and Angel de la Torre

PDF Price: $15

Advances in Human-Machine Systems for In-Vehicle Environments: Noise and Cognitive Stress/Distraction

Pp. 197-210 (14)

John H.L. Hansen, Pongtep Angkititrakul and Wooil Kim

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Pp. 211-214 (4)

Javier Ramirez and Juan Manuel Gorriz