Recent Advances in Angiogenesis and Antiangiogenesis

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The book presents recent advances in the field of angiogenesis and antiangiogenesis. Starting with the hypothesis of Judah Folkman that tumor growth is angiogenesis dependent, this area of research ...
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Recent Advances in Angiogenesis and Antiangiogenesis: The Neuroblastoma Model

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Fabio Pastorino and Mirco Ponzoni


Promising novel antiangiogenic strategies are emerging for the treatment of cancer and the inhibition of angiogenesis might represent a powerful tool as adjuvant therapy of malignant tumors. Over the last fifteen years several reports have been published concerning the relationship between tumor progression and angiogenesis in neuroblastoma in experimental models in vitro and in vivo. Moreover, a high vascular index in neuroblastoma correlates with poor prognosis, suggesting dependence of aggressive tumor growth on active angiogenesis. Here, we present an overview of the most recent advances in antiangiogenesis in neuroblastoma, and describe tumor vascular-targeted preclinical results, as well as future perspectives.


Experimental Therapies Unit, Laboratory of Oncology, G. Gaslini Children’s Hospital, Genoa, Italy.