Theory in the Pathophysiology of Carcinogenesis

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This e-book explains the essential role of angiogenesis in the progression and spread of the neoplasm, including the mechanics of initial carcinogenesis in promoting malignant transformation. The ...
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Source of Permutation in Genotoxicity in Malignant Transformation

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Lawrence M. Agius


An interface phenomenon appears to operate in a phasic fashion with regard to interactivity between processes of hyperplasia and neoplastic transformation. It is significant that such a process is not simply one of continuum, but would implicate a realization of systems of operability inbuilt within network pathways of generation of cellular proliferative activity per se. In this sense, the breast fibroadenoma is an adaptive lesion to such operative proliferation of epithelial and stromal cell elements both within the context of other lesions such as fibrocystic disease or as a purely hyperplastic phenomenon in its own right.


interface, permutation, genotoxicity, transformation.


Department of Pathology, University of Malta Medical School Mater Dei Hospital, MALTA EUROPE.