Theory in the Pathophysiology of Carcinogenesis

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This e-book explains the essential role of angiogenesis in the progression and spread of the neoplasm, including the mechanics of initial carcinogenesis in promoting malignant transformation. The ...
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Peritoneal Implantation as Integral Non-Sequential Events in Susceptibility to Ovarian Carcinogenesis

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Lawrence M. Agius


Aberrant, convergent pathways of sequential and non-sequential nature characterize the malignant transformation process as integral to the primary spread of metastatic lesions in cases such as ovarian carcinoma. One might further demonstrate a series of influential consequences that arises as phenomenal attributes of such integral neogenesis of the primary carcinomatous focus on the ovary with the development of focally specific susceptibility of peritoneal foci for implant evolution. Hence, it is the further formulation of events as dynamics of such focal peritoneal susceptibility that contrasts with a traditionally recognized system of metastatic implantation in the genesis of peritoneal lesions in cases of malignant ovarian carcinoma. It is, in fact, the biology of neogenesis of the primary ovarian neoplasm that participates in the formulation of final non-sequential systems of susceptibility implicating peritoneal attributes in terms of the pathobiology of primary carcinogenesis of the ovarian germinal epithelium and of developmental systems of infiltration of the underlying ovarian stroma and parenchyma.


peritoneal, ovarian, carcinogenesis, implantation.


Department of Pathology, University of Malta Medical School Mater Dei Hospital, MALTA EUROPE.