Theory in the Pathophysiology of Carcinogenesis

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This e-book explains the essential role of angiogenesis in the progression and spread of the neoplasm, including the mechanics of initial carcinogenesis in promoting malignant transformation. The ...
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Hypothetical Simple Transfer Mechanics as Malignant Transformation and as Infiltrative and Metastatic Neoplastic Potential

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Lawrence M. Agius


Interventional reconstitution of events in carcinogenesis resembles the conceptual hierarchical organization of events leading to perceptible aggregation of the neoplastic cells around foci of tumor necrosis, individual neurons and also perivascularly. The dimensions of such aggregation constitute a real reference point in the further elucidation of genesis in terms of events that project as propagation and as anti-apoptosis of these same neoplastic cells. In terms, therefore, that permit the emergence of abnormal homeostatic control mechanisms in cellular constitutional events there might further develop an overall permissive environment based on further constitutional change. Transfer of unitary elements such as genetic material would implicate a revolutionary change in bearing with such elements as the developmental status and maintenance of events that promote and further amplify infiltration of stroma and metastatic spread via vascular involvement in a systemic fashion.


transfer, transformation, neoplastic potential, genetic.


Department of Pathology, University of Malta Medical School Mater Dei Hospital, MALTA EUROPE.