Applications of Spreadsheets in Education The Amazing Power of a Simple Tool

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This e-book is devoted to the use of spreadsheets in the service of education in a broad spectrum of disciplines: science, mathematics, engineering, business, and general education. The effort is ...
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Graduates’ Use of Technical Software in Financial Services

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Timothy Kyng, Leonie Tickle and Leigh Wood


Auniversity education in actuarial studies and related areas prepares graduates for a wide range of careers. This study demonstrates that recent gradu-ates working in the financial services industry make significant use of spreadsheet software. We found that all 76 respondents use spreadsheet software, and more than half spend at least 60% of their time using spreadsheets. Graduates also use a range of statistical, database, mathematical, financial, and actuarial software. This signifi-cant time spent in front of the computer has implications for universities wishing to design curriculum to prepare students for careers in the financial services industry.


technical software usage, financial service


Department of Actuarial Studies Macquarie University, New South Wales, Australia.