Metal Based Functionally Graded Materials

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The aim of this Ebook is to provide a comprehensive overview of the basic production techniques for manufacturing of metal-based graded materials. A concise description of experimental methods and ...
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Jerzy J. Sobczak and Ludmil B. Drenchev


Sedimentation and flotation seem to be simple physical processes and it should be easy to make use of them. To do this in a real situation one must be very familiar with the processes. Employment of mathematical modeling and numerical simulations is extremely helpful here. A great number of pages have been devoted to this matter [102-108]. Some basic features of these phenomena, which are closely related to the manufacture of graded structures in particle reinforced MMCs, will be given below.

Sedimentation and flotation in the process of MMCs preparation exist because of gravity, and arise as a result of the density difference between particles and the metal matrix melt. Special experiments with a water-SiC suspension will be described on the next few pages in order to give a better understanding of particle sedimentation in MMCs synthesis. A variety of formula to estimate the viscosity of slurries will be presented. Finally, utilization of the phenomena will be discussed.