Frontiers in CNS Drug Discovery

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“Frontiers in CNS Drug Discovery” is an eBook series devoted to publishing the latest and the most important advances in Central Nervous System (CNS) drug design and discovery. Eminent scientists ...
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Galantamine, a Natural Product for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Pp. 76-105 (30)

Luis Marco and Maria do Carmo Carreiras


Galantamine is a natural product that has attracted the interest of a number of researchers in a collaborative effort aimed at designing novel biologically active compounds for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. In this article we review and update the syntheses of racemic and enantiomerically pure galantamine.


Galantamine, biogenetic-type synthesis, total synthesis, phenolic oxidative coupling, para-ortho coupling, PIFA, potassium ferricyanide, intramolecular heck reaction


Instituto de Quimica Organica General (CSIC), C/ Juan de la Cierva, 3, 28006-Madrid, Spain.