Combustion Synthesis: Novel Routes to Novel Materials

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Combustion synthesis covers a wide range of technologies to produce advanced materials, ranging from oxides, nitrides and intermetallics to various nanostructured compounds, such as nanopowders and ...
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Gel-Combustion Synthesis

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Slavko Mentus


Recently gel combustion synthesis was widely used to synthesize various forms of simple or complex metal oxides, having a wide range of applications. The chapter, after introductory remarks, begins with the ways of preparation of gelled oxide precursors, their physicochemical characteristics and their ability to burn in terms of chemical composition. Then follows a survey of the synthesis of various ceramics materials (electronic superconductors, ionic conductors, dielectrics, ferroelectrics), catalysts (non-supported and supported) electrode materials for chemical power sources (anode and cathode materials for ion-lithium cells), in a powdery form. Finally, the methods to transform the powdery gel combustion products to other valuable materials, for example to bulk oxide materials, or to films and powders of metals and alloys, will be described.


University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Studentski trg 12, 11158 Belgrade, Serbia