Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: An Established Pacing Therapy for Heart Failure and Mechanical Dyssynchrony

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In recent decades, the prevalence of heart failure has steadily increased and can be considered a contemporary cardiovascular epidemic. Therefore, treatment of heart failure is a primary focus of ...
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Novel Indications of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Patients in Atrial Fibrillation, with Narrow QRS Complex and in Functional Class II

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Ana Martin and Antonio Berruezo


Randomized clinical trials have shown important clinical benefits from cardiac resynchronization therapy, in addition to those obtained with optimal medical treatment, in the advanced heart failure population. However, the criteria for inclusion in these trials are restrictive and only a small proportion of heart failure patients are candidates. The logical next step is to expand this therapy and its possible benefits to heart failure patients in less advanced stages of the disease, with narrow QRS and in atrial fibrillation. In this chapter we review the available findings on the use of this therapy in these subsets of patients.


Heart failure, Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy, Atrial Fibrillation, Narrow QRS Complex


Cardiology Department, Thorax Institute, Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.