Art Psychotherapy & Narrative Therapy: An Account of Practitioner Research

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This book is a personal, political and philosophical exploration of doing both therapy and research: an enquiry into how the process of therapy shapes the therapist as well as the client, and how the ...
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Close To Home: The ‘Poethics’ Of Therapy With A Young Girl And Her Family

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Sheridan Linnell


Both this chapter and the following chapter ground the theoretical and creative explorations of the first part of the book in the specifics of clinical practice. This chapter gives an extended account, through poetry, story, memoir, visual images and discursive analysis, of arts-based and narrative therapeutic work with a particular child and her family whose lives were affected by domestic violence and the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. The chapter describes in detail how I became an apprentice to the ways this family responded to their difficulties, and involves ethical reflection on my therapeutic engagement and process with a family whose stories resonated closely at times with aspects of the biographies of myself and my family. I begin with a poem that tells how I first met the young girl whose story is at the heart of this chapter.


University Of Western Sydney