Art Psychotherapy & Narrative Therapy: An Account of Practitioner Research

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This book is a personal, political and philosophical exploration of doing both therapy and research: an enquiry into how the process of therapy shapes the therapist as well as the client, and how the ...
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A Madness In Her Methodologies: An ‘Ethically Reflexive’ Enquiry Through Writing And Art

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Sheridan Linnell


Chapter 4 orients the reader to this book's unusual approach to practitioner research through engaging with questions of poststructural research methodology, especially with the writing methodologies that have emerged from the work of a number of contemporary poststructural feminists. In this chapter I also engage with the discursive character of the visual and the contemporary ‘aesthetic turn’ in art therapy, in relation to the project of shaping a narrative and poststructural approach to art therapy.


University Of Western Sydney