Multicore Hardware-Software Design and Verification Techniques

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The surge of multicore processors coming into the market and on users’ desktops has made parallel computing the focus of attention once again. This time, however, it is led by the industry, which ...
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Affinity and Distance-Aware Thread Scheduling and Migration in Reconfigurable Many-Core Architectures

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Fadi N. Sibai


Modern many-core CMPs and MPSoC embedded systems integrate different cores. A 2D mesh interconnects the routers at each core providing system reconfigurability which for instance allows the bypassing of specific routes due to faults or congestion. In this work, a class-based many-core architecture with reconfigurable classes and a 2D Mesh-based on-chip interconnection network is considered. We present an affinity- and distanceaware thread scheduling scheme and migration policies for a reconfigurable heterogeneous class-based 2D Meshinterconnected many-core CMP. We also present a simulator for evaluating various scheduling and migration algorithms. The simulation results reveal that scheduling algorithms which both consider core affinity and support distance-based migration outperform the other considered algorithms in reconfigurable many-core architectures.


Faculty of Information Technology, UAE University, P. O. Box 17551, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.