Mechatronics Series I - Intelligent Transportation Vehicles

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Implementation of Chaotic Behavior on a Fire Fighting Robot

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Magda J.M. Tavera, Omar Lengerke and Max Suell Dutra


The fire fighting monitoring work is a case study where the chaotic control could minimize human, material and environmental injuries. In this paper, we proposed a chaotic control for a mobile robot, in order to do a further inspection in regular spaces, moving it through time with non determinate trajectories. A chaotic nature in the mobile vehicle is added, putting together kinematics with non linear equations such as Arnold and Lorenz, in the same system.


Chaos, Fire Fighting, Mobile Robots, Non Linear.


Mechatronics Systems & Robotics Research Group – COPPE/UFRJ, Postal Box 68.503 – CEP 21.945-970 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.