Mechatronics Series I - Intelligent Transportation Vehicles

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Mechatronics Series I: Intelligent Transportation Vehicles brings the latest advances and developments in intelligent vehicles to readers on the basis of their significance and quality. Wider ...
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Distributed Control of Job Shop Systems via Edge Reversal Dynamics for Automated Guided Vehicles

Pp. 102-114 (13)

Omar Lengerke, Felipe M.G. Franca and Max Suell Dutra


Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have been frequently used as material handling equipment in manufacturing systems since the last two decades. Particularly, AGVs with trailers are, and will continue to be, the backbone of the material transport industry. In this paper, a study of the trajectories and simulation model of hypothetical systems, which include FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) environment, were developed. In addition, a simulation model has been developed to assist in this respect. The simulation model is based on a distributed scheduling algorithm which also implements an advanced planning mechanism in the form of a decentralized Job Shop system control.


Automated guided vehicles, Navigation, Mechatronics, Job Shop Systems.


Mechatronics Systems & Robotics Research Group – COPPE/UFRJ, Postal Box 68.503 – CEP 21.945-970 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.