Mechatronics Series I - Intelligent Transportation Vehicles

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Mechatronics Series I: Intelligent Transportation Vehicles brings the latest advances and developments in intelligent vehicles to readers on the basis of their significance and quality. Wider ...
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Clustering Techniques for Grouping Traffic Events

Pp. 88-101 (14)

Silvia Del-Campo Romero, Juan Jose Martinez Dura and Jose Javier Samper Zapater


Cluster analysis, also known as cluster analysis or numerical taxonomy, is the procedure by which observations of a data set are clustered in groups or clusters, so that the objects are homogeneous within the group and the groups are as heterogeneous as possible when compared between them. The main purpose of the chapter is to study the clustering techniques so as to find a suitable method for automatic grouping of traffic events in interurban scenarios. To achieve this goal, we must first take into account the stages of clustering techniques.


Clustering, Traffic events.


Researcher, LISITT/UVEG, Valencia (Spain).