The Theory and Method of Design and Optimization for Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems (RITS)

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Railway is a form of public transport which serves the society, and its aim is to transport passengers and freight safely, rapidly, reliably, accurately and economically. With an implementation of ...
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Chinese RITS in Development

Pp. 137-145 (9)

Wang Zhuo and Jia Li-min


This chapter describes RITS structure model in three levels that acquirement and recognition needed by users, the realization of demand, all types of resources support for demand realization, and gives the location of existing information systems in the future RITS. And many Chinese RITS system in construction are introduced in this chapter either, such as: Qinhai-Tibet Line Emergency Rescue institutions and Emergency Rescue Command Information System; Geographic Information System of Qinhai-Tibet Line; and Comprehensive Monitoring System of Railway Operational Safety for Qinhai-Tibet Line etc. Finally RITS development strategy and vision analysis are introduced.


School of Traffic and Transportation, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China