The State of the Science in Universal Design: Emerging Research and Developments

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The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Universal Design and the Built Environment (RERC-UD), a federally funded research center located in The University at Buffalo, hosted a series of ...
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Benchmarking the Effectiveness of Universal Designs

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Gary Scott Danford, Michael Grimble and Jordana L. Maisel


Evaluating the effectiveness of universally designed environment is typically done through case studies conducted by experts in field settings. The logistics and costs associated with field case studies, however, inevitably constrain not only the individuals who can participate, but also the environments that can be studied - further compromising case studies’ already limited generalizability and frustrating evidence-based universal design practice. This chapter discusses an alternative standard for evaluating the effectiveness of universally designed environments that removes these constraints and enhances case studies’ generalizability by moving them from the field to the internet.


IDeA Center, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14214, USA.