Social Determinants, Health EquityAnd Human Development

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A refreshing and useful resource for understanding the multidimensional aspects linking social determinants to health equity and development. The book is written for researchers, students, public ...
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Obesity and Diabetes

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A. Boutayeb, S. Mehdad, N. Mokhtar and H. Aguenaou


Diabetes and obesity currently threaten the health, well-being and economic welfare of virtually every country in the world. Worldwide, overweight and obesity are increasing at alarming rates. As a disease, obesity diminishes both quality of life and life expectancy, but it is also a common risk factor for other diseases like Cardio Vascular Diseases, arthritis, diabetes and many types of cancer. The incidence of diabetes linked to obesity has jumped significantly during the last two decades. Moreover, obesity and type 2-diabetes are affecting people all over the world including children and adolescents. Diabetes and obesity are associated with increased morbidity and mortality in the general population. The twin epidemics constitutes one of the major public health problems challenging all concerned social and economic groups, including scientists, health decision makers, nongovernmental organizations, industry associations, public and private sectors and volunteers.


Obesity, overweight, type 2-diabetes, hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, adiposity, fat mass, BMI, dietary habits, physical activity.


Laboratoire de Modelisation Stochastique et Deterministe, Mohamed Premier University, Oujda, Morocco .