Field Propulsion System for Space Travel: Physics of Non-Conventional Propulsion Methods for Interstellar Travel

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This e-book presents an overview of field propulsion systems for the use of space travel and interstellar travel. Such systems include warp drive, space drive and gravity-control schemes, and are ...
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Field Propulsion Systems Based on the Advanced Physics

Pp. 35-83 (49)

Takaaki Musha and Yoshinari Minami


This chapter consists of two sections, the first section is for the field propulsion systems based on the General Relativity Theory, such as space drive propulsion and warp drive propulsion. The second section is for the systems on the Quantum Field Theory, which are based on the hypothesis that the inertial mass can be developed from the interaction of elementary particles with the vacuum electromagnetic zero-point field. Several field propulsion systems on these theories are presented in this chapter.


Technical Research&Development Institute, MOD Japan.