Emerging Chagas Disease

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The book focuses on a global problem challenging the health systems. Trypanosoma cruzi infections are transmitted by cone-nosed triatomine bugs, by blood transfusion and congenitally from mothers to ...
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Chagas Disease: A Global Health Problem

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Ana Maria Castro, Marina Clare Vinaud and Antonio Teixeira


Chagas disease is now a public health problem due to the detection of cases all around the world. The migration of the Latin American populations to North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania has made the parasite cross the seas, so as to secure the Trypanosoma cruzi survival by means of blood transfusion and by congenital transmission from mother to offspring. The increasing number of cases of Chagas disease detected in various countries all over the world urges the health systems to be prepared to its proper diagnosis and treatment.


University of Goiás