Molecular Oncology: Principles and Recent Advances

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Cancer is one of the major causes of death worldwide. Despite hundreds of clinical trials currently in progress for cancer patients, the success rate is still very low. Understanding the molecular ...
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Mechanisms of Therapy Resistance in Cancer

Pp. 192-197 (6)

Ivan Restrepo, Cindy Sharon Ortiz and Javier Camacho


The effects of many anticancer drugs are unfortunately masked by drug resistance developed by several tumors. This represents a strong and major challenge in cancer research. Drug resistance is due to several factors, including membrane transporters taking out drugs from the cell, molecular mechanisms repairing or inhibiting the damage caused by the drugs, mutations in anticancer drug targets, or even anatomic structures affecting either drug penetration or elimination. Here we will review the molecular aspects of therapy resistance mechanisms. Research on the inhibition of proteins involved in drug resistance or design of new anticancer drugs overcoming such mechanisms with no doubt will result in a major advancement in cancer treatment.


Drug resistance, multidrug resistance, ABC transporters, tamoxifen, antibodies, EGFR mutations.


Department of Pharmacology, Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Avenida Instituto Politecnico Nacional 2508, Mexico D. F. 07360, Mexico.