Molecular Oncology: Principles and Recent Advances

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Cancer is one of the major causes of death worldwide. Despite hundreds of clinical trials currently in progress for cancer patients, the success rate is still very low. Understanding the molecular ...
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Chemotherapy and Design of New Antineoplastic Compounds

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Claudia Rivera-Guevara, Maria Elena Bravo-Gomez and Lena Ruiz-Azuara


The successful use of chemotherapy in the treatment of several diseases has been one of the great drug development stories of the last century. Motivated by this, we present here an overview of the various steps required to develop a new drug treatment. An introductory view of the field of medicinal chemistry is provided as an example to a broad discipline that has successfully designed procedures that are routinely used for drug development. A detailed view of the subfield of bioinorganic medicinal chemistry is then presented which describes the research and development involved in the design of new metal-based drugs. A specific example of the development of the CASIOPEINAS® family compounds, a set of copper based molecules is used to illustrate the wide range of strict scientific procedures involved from initial design to the final registration of the drug.


Medicinal chemistry, chemotherapy, drug design, drug develop, drug testing, bioinorganic chemistry, metal compounds, copper compounds, antineoplastic, casiopeinas®.


Departamento de Quimica Inorganica y Nuclear, Laboratorio de Quimica Inorganica Medicinal, Facultad de Quimica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Av. Universidad 3000, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico D.F. 04510.