40 YEARS OF SHS: A LUCKY STAR OF A SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY A Presentation with Elements of a Scientific Lecture

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This e-book is a short history of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) of inorganic materials and substances. The author considers distinct features of the research work of the most ...
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Government Support of SHS (1979 - 1992)

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А. G. Merzhanov


In 1979 the State support of SHS started. Different statesmen visited our town and got acquainted with the method. Also the author pays great attention to the foundation of the inter- branch scientific-andtechnical unit which was called Termosyntez. It united scientific, designing and manufacturing organizations. During its work the Unit demonstrated the ability of SHS to solve some important technological problems. But after the USSR disintegration the Unit collapsed. The Chapter describes the results obtained during the existence of the Unit.


Institute of Structural Mackrokinetics and Materials Science (ISMAN) Russia.