Groundwater Reactive Transport Models

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Ground water reactive transport models are useful to assess and quantify contaminant precipitation, absorption and migration in subsurface media. Many ground water reactive transport models available ...
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Overview of NUFT: A Versatile Numerical Model for Simulating Flow and Reactive Transport in Porous Media

Pp. 212-239 (28)

Y. Hao, Y. Sun and J. J. Nitao


Sophisticated and robust numerical modeling is essential to developing a good understanding of complex physical and chemical phenomena in the subsurface. In this chapter we provide a general overview of NUFT (Nonisothermal Unsaturated-saturated Flow and Transport) code, which is a highly flexible computer software package for modeling multiphase, multi-component heat and mass flow and reactive transport in unsaturated and saturated porous media. An integrated finite difference method is used for numerical discretization. Several mathematical models are implemented in order to address various flow and reactive transport processes in porous media. The governing equations for each submodel are solved by implicit time-integration. In particular a globally implicit approach is employed to solve transport and reaction equations simultaneously. The code is designed based on object-oriented principles, and equipped with efficient solvers and massively parallel computation capability. We present two examples involving reactive transport modeling to demonstrate capabilities of the code.


NUFT, multiphase and multicomponent flow, reactive transport, porous media, numerical model.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, USA.