Subject Area: Bioinformatics

Advances in Biobanking Practice Through Public and Private Collaborations
By: Elena Salvaterra and Julie Corfield

US $ 79

Better Life and Business: Cell, Brain, Mind and Sex Universal Laws
By: Branko Souček

US $ 69

Biological Models Volume Title: From Knowledge Networks to Biological Models
By: Anton Yuryev and Nikolai Daraselia

US $ 34

Biological Systems: Complexity and Artificial Life
By: Jacques Ricard

US $ 59

Computational Biology of Embryonic Stem Cells
By: Ming Zhan

US $ 34

Fundamentals of Systems Analysis and Modeling of Biosystems and Metabolism
By: Kazuyuki Shimizu and Yu Matsuoka

US $ 99

In-Silico Lead Discovery
By: Maria A. Miteva

US $ 26

Primary MATLAB® for Life Sciences: Guide for Beginners
By: Leonid Burstein

US $ 39

Quick Guideline for Computational Drug Design
By: Sheikh Arslan Sehgal, Rana Adnan Tahir, A. Hammad Mirza and Asif Mir

US $ 39