Phyto-fabrication of different nanoparticles and evaluation of their antibacterial and anti-biofilm efficacy

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Author(s): Avinash Ingle, Shweta Wagh, Jayantakumar Biswas, Monojit Mondal, Chistiane Mendes Feitosa, Mahendra Rai*.

Journal Name: Current Nanoscience

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Background: Nowadays microbial infections are considered the most important causes of morbidity and mortality. Various microorganisms including biofilm-forming bacteria reported playing a crucial role in such public health concerns. On the other hand, the inefficacy of conventional antimicrobial agents may due to various reasons including drug resistance creates a need for the development of effective drug molecules. In this context, nanoparticles can be promisingly used in the management of all such concerns.

Objective: The study aimed to evaluate antibacterial and biofilm removal efficacy of various metal nanoparticles against biofilm-forming bacteria.

Methods: Various metal nanoparticles including silver (AgNPs), copper (CuNPs) and zinc oxide (ZnONPs) were synthesized from plant leaf extracts of Punica granatum, Citrus medica, and Annona squamosa, respectively.

Results: Thus synthesized nanoparticles were evaluated for their antibacterial and biofilm removal efficacies against Enterococcus gallinarum, Staphylococcus haemolyticus, Enterobacter aerogenes, and Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi to propose a promising approach towards management of such pathogens. In vitro antibacterial study demonstrated that AgNPs showed the maximum efficacy against all the test bacteria followed by CuNPs and ZnONPs.

Keywords: Microbial pathogens, Biofilm, Resistance, Antimicrobial agents, Nanoparticles, dreadful infections, plant leaf extracts

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(E-pub Abstract Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/1573413716666200313162736
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