Further Considerations Towards an Effective and Efficient Oncology Drug Discovery DMPK Strategy

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Author(s): Beth Williamson*, Nicola Colclough, Adrian Fretland, Barry Jones, Rhys Owen, Dermot McGinnity.

Journal Name: Current Drug Metabolism

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Background: DMPK data and knowledge is critical in maximising the probability of developing successful drugs via the application of in silico, in vitro and in vivo approaches in drug discovery.

Methods: The evaluation, optimisation and prediction of human pharmacokinetics is now a mainstay within drug discovery. These elements are at the heart of the ‘right tissue’ component of AstraZeneca’s ‘5Rs framework’ which, since its adoption, has resulted in increased success of Phase III clinical trials. With the plethora of DMPK related assays and models available, there is a need to continually refine and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of approaches to best facilitate progression of quality compounds for human clinical testing.

Results: This article builds on previously published strategies from our laboratories, highlighting recent discoveries and successes, that brings our AstraZeneca Oncology DMPK strategy up to date. We review core aspects of DMPK in Oncology drug discovery and highlight data recently generated in our laboratories that have influenced our screening cascade and experimental design. We present data and our experiences of employing cassette animal PK, as well as re-evaluating in vitro assay design for metabolic stability assessments and expanding our use of freshly excised animal and human tissue to best inform first time in human dosing and dose escalation studies.

Conclusion: Application of our updated drug-drug interaction and central nervous system drug exposure strategies are exemplified, as is the impact of physiologically based pharmacokinetic and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modelling, for human predictions.

Keywords: Drug discovery, ADME, drug metabolism, clearance, volume of distribution, bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, CNS exposure

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