New Platinum (II) ternary complexes of Formamidine and Pyrophosphate: Synthesis, Characterization and DFT Calculations and In-vitro Cytotoxicity

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Author(s): Ahmed A. Soliman*, Fawzy A. Attaby, Othman I. Alajrawy, Azza A. A. Abou-hussein, Wolfgang Linert.

Journal Name: Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Accelerated Technologies for Biotechnology, Bioassays, Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products Research

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Aim and Objective: Platinum (II) and platinum (IV) of pyrophosphate complexes have been prepared and characterized to discover their potential as antitumor drugs. This study was undertaken to prepare and characterize new ternary platinum (II) complexes with formamidine and pyrophosphate as antitumor candidate.

Materials and Methods: The complexes have been characterized by mass, infrared, UV-Vis. spectroscopy, elemental analysis, magnetic susceptibility, thermal analyses and theoretical calculations. They have been tested for their cytotoxicity by was carried out using the fast-colorimetric assay for cellular growth and survival against MCF-7 (breast cancer cell line), HCT-116 (colon carcinoma cell line), and HepG-2 (hepatocellular cancer cell line).

Results: All complexes are diamagnetic, and the electronic spectral data displayed the bands due to square planar Pt (II) complexes. The optimized complexes structures (1-4) indicated a distorted square planar geometry where O-Pt-O, and N-Pt-N bond angles were 82.04°-96.44°. Results show also that all complexes are neutral, stable and non-hygroscopic and have noticeable cytotoxicity with IC50 (μM): 0.035-0.144 MCF-7(breast cancer cell line), 0.042-0.187 HCT-116 (colon carcinoma cell line), and 0.063-0.168 HepG-2 (hepatocellular cancer cell line). Moreover, results show that the complex (4) has the best IC50.

Conclusion: The complexes showed noticeable cytotoxicity and stand as promising antitumor candidates for further application.

Keywords: Pt(II), Pyrophosphate, Formamidine, Antitumor, Spectroscopy, Thermal analysis, Magnetic and MO calculations

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