Determination and Modeling on Ultraviolet Light Degradation of Pyridaben Based on Fluorescence Spectrum

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Author(s): Rendong Ji*, Shicai Ma, Haiyi Bian, Xiaoyan Wang, Chenyue Yu, Yulin Zhang.

Journal Name: Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Accelerated Technologies for Biotechnology, Bioassays, Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products Research

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Aim and Objective: Pesticide residues seriously affect human health, so it is very important to study the degradation of pesticide residues for food safety. The degradation of pyridaben by ultraviolet(UV) irradiation was studied, the degradation characteristics and modeling were analyzed in this paper. This study was undertaken to fully reveal the degradation mechanism of UV irradiation for pyridaben residue and provided the evaluation method of degradation effect.

Materials and Methods: Firstly, the fluorescence spectra of pyridaben samples were measured by LS55 fluorescence photometer, and the relationship between pyridaben concentration and the fluorescence intensity of characteristic peak was established. Then, using UV irradiation approach, the pyridaben was degraded to different degrees by controlling the irradiation time. The degradation process was characterized according to the change of fluorescence characteristic peak intensity before and after degradation. The relationship between degradation time and fluorescence intensity was established at last.

Results: The results showed that the fluorescence characteristic peak of pyridaben was located at 356nm. The pyridaben content prediction model function was obtained with the correlation coefficient of 0.9989 and the average recovery of 99.70%. The relative standard deviation (RSD%), the limit of detection (LOD) and the limit of quantity (LOQ)was 1.71%, 0.0058ug/ml and 0.0193ug/ml, respectively. The exponential function model between UV degradation time and fluorescence intensity was obtained, the corresponding correlation coefficient was 0.9991, and the average recovery was 100.49%.

Conclusion: UV light irradiation can effectively degrade pyridaben, degradation process can be characterized by the change of fluorescence intensity, and the degradation model was tested tobe accurate.

Keywords: Pyridaben, UV-light, Fluorescence spectrum, Degradation rate

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